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Facts and Questions 

Where are classes held? 

Swingin' into Summer

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

75 S 37th Ave

St. Cloud, MN 56301



Will lunch be provided?


No. However, there are many places to eat close by.



Can I bring snacks and drinks?


Yes, you can. Please only bring quick and easy snacks as well as water. We do not provide a refrigerator or microwave. 



What is a Residency?


This is where students learn choreography under the direction of one of the faculty. They will then perform the learned choreography at the festival show at the Paramount Theater in St. Cloud on Saturday evening. In all, students will have 6 hours with the faculty member to learn and prepare the piece for the show. Dancers in the residency will still need a ticket if they want to watch the rest of the show when not performing.

What is a the festival show?


Our festival show, The Ground Sound, will be at the Paramount Theater. Tickets are bought directly through the theater. The faculty will all perform in the show as well as the two residencies. There will be a live band made up of musicians from Minnesota. You don't want to miss the show! The link and info for tickets can be found under our show tab.


What is the Student Showcase

The Adjudicated Student Showcase is an additional fee; it is a way for students to have an opportunity to showcase choreography of a dance of their choice. They will be given written critiques from a few faculty after their performance.  2.5 minute maximum for their routine.  Duets and Trios are also welcomed.  Costumes are not required, but that is up to the dancer to bring and wear if desired.  Music will need to be emailed to no later than June 3, 2024.  You will also need to have music with you at the showcase in case we need another copy.  All students and families are welcome to come and watch free of charge!


Are Parents/Guardians allowed to observe classes?


Parents/Guardians are not permitted to observe classes. However, they are welcome to attend the Student Showcase and the show at the Paramount Theater. No tickets are required to view the Student Showcase, but you must purchase tickets through the theater to see the professional show. The link and info for tickets can be found under our show tab.



Will shoes be provided? 


Tap shoes are not provided.  You will need to bring your own shoes.  If you do not have any tap shoes, please contact us and we will see if we can find a pair to loan out to you, that will fit so you can participate.



What do I wear to this festival? 


Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely. 



Will there be a place for me to change?


If you need to change for any reason, there are public bathrooms near the rooms that you would be able to use to change.

What about Covid?


We will abide by the Minnesota state laws and federal regulations in regards to Covid. At the time, no masks or vaccinations are required to attend our event.



Unfortunately, there are no refunds.


The schedule and faculty are subject to change at any time. 


Any further questions regarding Registration, please email



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